We are the craftsmen of conversation

At Botbot.AI, our goal is to automate as much low-value work as we can. We aim to combat underemployment in the market by moving people away from repetitive, transactional and menial tasks to higher-value work.

Cool! But why?

Our Vision

We believe that work in today’s economy can be dissected into jobs for: strategists (resource-planners, tacticians), and craftsmen (artisans, executors).

We want to remove the low value, menial, repetitive and transactional tasks, and move the workforce to high-cognition tasks, like those that require critical and creative thinking, therefore creating real value/impact.

We envision a world of strategists and craftsmen, empowered by artificial intelligence and automation, and endeavour to translate that into reality.

Our Mission

To drive productivity of organizations through automating conversations for 1 billion lives, therefore facilitating higher value cognitive work and maximizing human potential.

7 Business Strategists

We envision. We dream. We draft plans to make it reality.

9 Engineers

We translate visions into reality, story by story, snippet by snippet.

24 Enterprises

Partnerships based on deep admiration for each other’s work.

18599 Conversations

Our true measure of success: how much more productive have we made you?

Automation and technology can power productivity and maximise human potential…

Everyone deserves to have work that capitalizes on their unique strengths, abilities and insights. Our goal is to achieve that through removing low-value work from their tasklist, and make them even more generative unto others, thereby realizing their fullest potential.

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