Press Release — Seamless 2018


Botbot.AI Announces Participation in Seamless Asia 2018 — New focuses, new features and many new additions to the Botbot.AI community

Singapore, May 2, 2018 — Botbot.AI has announced its participation in Seamless Asia 2018, taking place at Suntec Convention Centre on 3 – 4 May. Featuring a pitch by Chief Product Officer, Elvin Li, Botbot.AI’s participation also includes an exhibition booth (booth number SP10) with interactive demos. Botbot.AI’s team of over five industry professionals will be attending the event, including Wong Hong Ting, CEO & founder, Elvin Li, Chief Product Officer & co-founder, Chelsea Sim, Chief of Staff and Aankita Mukherjee, VP of Projects.


“Our participation in Seamless Asia 2018 underscores our commitment in helping enterprises reshape their back-office operational strategies and approaches, to not just cope but excel in an oversaturated commerce environment,” said Sim.


Startup Pitch and Extended Introduction — CEO Wong Hong Ting and CPO Elvin Li

An experienced product designer and visionary, Chief Product Officer Elvin Li will be making a five-minute pitch to briefly introduce the product, and Chief Executive Officer Wong Hong Ting will be giving a half-hour session on the  product’s use cases, roadmap and key features. More information on the tracks and speakers can be found here.


Automating  Back-Office Operations with Conversational Interfaces  

Botbot.AI’s  renewed focus  on back-office operations  has built key use cases in  the handling of procurement, inventory  management, invoice processing, sales tracking  and forecasting, store management (pricebooks, POS  integrations), and even knowledge bases, accounting,  staffing or HR. Botbot.AI has been front and center  in efforts to maximize human potential by moving workforces  away from low-value, menial, transactional tasks and re-engaging  them with high-value, high-cognition work. If you’d like to continue the conversation and find out how your business can be transformed, please call +65 6222 2359 or visit the company website. For a free copy of the company’s introductory deck, please email [email protected].

 Did not get to try our chatbot at Seamless Asia 2018?

Fret not! You can still get access to our demo chatbot

About Botbot.AI  

Botbot.AI  is an enterprise  productivity solution  that automates business  workflows and drives performance using chat as an interface.


About Seamless Asia 2018

Seamless Asia is considered a forerunner in Asian commerce exhibitions and conferences, with an annual hallmark gathering of leaders, experts and professionals from banking, payments, e-Commerce and retailing


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