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Singapore, 17th May 2018 — Our CEO, Wong Hong Ting, was a part of the panel on “How to Create Differentiating Products in the Face of AI Democratisation”, discussing the future of A.I.-powered technologies and what Botbot.AI currently does and hopes to achieve in the chatbot space for enterprises.


“The advantage that we have, as SMEs and start-ups, is that we can zoom in on specific areas and get really, really good at it. We can also use all the tools that the big players have built and add on the datasets to create something unique for us,” Wong explained.



Key Insights

  • As A.I. continues to grow in its capabilities, so will its use cases. More than just being CRM tools in customer-facing functions, chatbot use cases have evolved to include internal workflows and processes as well — Botbot.AI trains and deploys chatbots that solve organisational problems such as repetitive and transactional tasks within enterprise workflows.
  • A.I. democratisation need not only be advantageous to big players. Rather, it could potentially level the playing field for smaller players who can leverage on rapidly-developing technologies and integrate such technologies with the specialised, niche databases they have built and acquired in their own capacity.
  • With A.I., a measure of success could look at how an organisation improves its productivity for external and internal bots — Botbot.AI looks at how chatbots can drive greater engagement, automate workflows and augment teams.  



Automating  Back-Office Operations  with Conversational Interfaces  

Botbot.AI’s  renewed focus  on back-office operations  has built key use cases in  the handling of procurement, inventory  management, invoice processing, sales tracking  and forecasting, store management (pricebooks, POS  integrations), and even knowledge bases, accounting,  staffing or HR. Botbot.AI has been front and center  in efforts to maximize human potential by moving workforces  away from low-value, menial, transactional tasks and re-engaging  them with high-value, high-cognition work. If you’d like to continue the conversation and find out how your business can be transformed,  please call +65 6222 2359 or visit the company website. For a free copy of the company’s introductory deck, please email [email protected].

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About  Botbot.AI  

Botbot.AI  is an enterprise  productivity solution  that automates business  workflows and drives performance  using chat as an interface.


About  Tech in Asia Singapore  2018

Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 is the seventh edition in a series of conferences targeted at connecting the tech community in an offline setting. This year’s conference focused on trending verticals such as A.I., SaaS, blockchain, fintech and more. It was a 2-day event that brought together some of the best and the brightest as they discussed the latest and greatest technologies over industry talks, investor meetings, networking corners and pitching sessions.  


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