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10 Real World Problems that AI Solves

AI or artificial intelligence can help automate tasks, and there are real-world problems that AI solves which impact us in a greater way. While it doesn’t always have a direct impact, it helps us help everyone else. Today, there is a prevalent fear that AI is “after our jobs” or will replace us. While that […]

7 jobs that will be radically disrupted by AI and automation

‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning’ are the most favoured terms in any industry today. While they make their inroads into almost all fields, let’s take a look at the 7 industries that will be most impacted by their presence. Chatbots have become synonymous with AI but their efficiency has been a topic of hot debate […]


Press Release — TechInnovation 2018

Botbot.AI takes AI and chatbots to TechInnovation 2018 to discover, connect, collaborate, and straighten up the misconceptions about AI Singapore, September 10, 2018 — September brings with it the Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology or SWITCH, a must-attend for all serious tech start-ups and innovators. Expectedly, the venue of choice, the Marina Bay Sands […]


Press Release — Slush 2018

Will be on September 14, 2018, AT ZEPP@BIGBOX Known to be the premier startup launchpad of Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most vibrant ecosystems in Asia with excellent funding opportunities, market reach and startup experience. Also known as the little red dot, Singapore is the exact opposite of little. It has quickly become […]

Botbot.AI Hailed by Platform for Software Reviews with 2 Artificial Intelligence Software Titles for 2018

Botbot.AI was recently recognized with two prestigious Artificial Intelligence Software awards by FinancesOnline, an independent SaaS review platform.     The Artificial Intelligence Software awards were given after their experts meticulously inspected all functionalities of our productivity and chatbot solution, highlighting its exceptional multilingual and multichannel prowess for automated conversations, robust pre-configured intelligence for business-specific […]


Press Release — B2B Rocks, Sydney 2018

Of Awards and Exhibitions: Botbot.AI is on its way to Australia for B2B Rocks, Sydney 2018 Singapore, August 3 2018 — August is set to start off with some excitement for Botbot.AI. The month will see the AI company exhibit its unique chatbots, complete with a demo, on 9th August at B2B Rocks, Sydney 2018 – […]

7 Best UX practices in Chatbot Design

No matter how amazing a chatbot’s backend and NLP is, if it suffers from poor UX, your users are unlikely to use it again. Afterall, the user really only interacts with the UX, so neglecting your UX in favor of other components is generally not recommended in the long run. Good chatbot UX design can […]


Press Release — RISE Conference (Hong Kong) 2018

Botbot.AI announces participation in RISE Conference Hong Kong 2018 — Join us at Asia’s largest tech conference with over 13 tracks to attend! Singapore, June 27 2018 — Botbot.AI has announced its participation in RISE Conference 2018, taking place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) on 9 – 12 July. Botbot.AI’s participation […]

6 Chatbots for Banking and Financial Services Industry

Chatbot for banking and financial services industry has been one of the forerunners in the adoption of A.I. for automation of back-office processes — from eliminating paper trials to ramping up security protocols, the array of enterprise use cases for chatbots are limitless. According to McKinsey Global Institute’s 2018 automation research report, many activities in […]