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White elephant softwares have become pervasive in the back-offices of financial institutions today, you know, softwares that your company paid for that sits around unused. It doesn’t come from your pocket, but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to — simplify your work day.

Work smarter, not harder, with a conversational interface that sits on top of your existing systems. Whether it’s a trade, a query on existing regulations or virtual assistance for relationship managers, a chatbot can take the administrative burden of low-value tasks away from you and make you more productive.

Advancements in technology and the rise of commercialized artificial intelligence have brought us to the point where we can now automate those processes. Automation can take over repetitive workflows, with an intuitive, conversational interface. Talk to the chatbot as you would to an actual colleague — it’ll understand and give you what you asked for. All this so you can move on to high-value, high-cognition work.

Don’t know what chatbots can do? Find out what other financial institutions are doing with their chatbots.

  • Pulling, integrating, and visualizing data across various resources, e.g. generating insights for portfolio management
  • Executing actions following time-based and action-based triggers, e.g. Reserve SGD 1.5m of XYZ for me.
  • Querying exchange rates, regulations and guidelines or transaction details, e.g. What are the trade limits for JPY to USD?
  • Pushing potential leads and guiding through the utilization of the appointed tools for front-office personnel, e.g. What do customers need to fill in for the political affiliation question?

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