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While our chatbots automating our uninteresting and repetitive jobs, we love to write so we can share what we learn throughout our chatbot building journey.

Press Release — TechInnovation 2018

Botbot.AI takes AI and chatbots to TechInnovation 2018…
September 17, 2018/by Botbot.AI

Press Release — Slush 2018

Will be on September 14, 2018, AT [email protected]
Known to be the…
September 14, 2018/by Botbot.AI

Press Release — Microsoft Tech Festival, Vietnam 2018

Botbot.AI is poised to make a mark at the Microsoft Technology…
September 14, 2018/by Botbot.AI Review

Botbot.AI Hailed by Platform for Software Reviews with 2 Artificial Intelligence Software Titles for 2018

Botbot.AI was recently recognized with two prestigious Artificial…
August 20, 2018/by Botbot.AI

Press Release — B2B Rocks, Sydney 2018

Of Awards and Exhibitions: Botbot.AI is on its way to Australia…
August 7, 2018/by Botbot.AI
Innovating with HR Chatbot

Innovating with HR Chatbots: What Can I Use Them For?

I often used to say that my team, by the sheer nature of their…
July 9, 2018/by Chelsea Kang
Chatbot for customer engagement

7 Best UX practices in Chatbot Design

No matter how amazing a chatbot’s backend and NLP is, if it…
July 9, 2018/by Ken Jyi Lim

Press Release — RISE Conference (Hong Kong) 2018

Botbot.AI announces participation in RISE Conference Hong Kong…
June 27, 2018/by Vera Neo

6 Chatbots for Banking and Financial Services Industry

Chatbot for banking and financial services industry has been…
June 26, 2018/by Vera Neo

Press Release — Tech in Asia Singapore 2018

Missed out on Tech in Asia Singapore 2018? Get all the latest…
May 17, 2018/by Vera Neo
Botbot.AI SG Team

Botbot.AI on BLOCK71 Singapore Entrepreneurs

In this week’s Entrepreneurs Feature, we speak to team…
May 11, 2018/by Botbot.AI

Press Release — Seamless 2018

Botbot.AI Announces Participation in Seamless Asia 2018 — New…
May 5, 2018/by Chelsea Kang
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