We hire humans for work that machines cannot do

We believe that humans should not be doing work that can be automated. We make sure that everyone in our team is utilizing and maximizing their skills.

Our culture

We stay true to our belief that automation empowers our productivity — but productivity isn’t everything. At the end of the day, it’s about maximizing human potential and the prospect of pushing our own limits that get us up every morning.

At heart, we’re not just developers, designers nor consultants – we’re people who believe in people, and we analyse, execute fast, and iterate. We actively acquire and exchange knowledge, and actively unearth problems to solve. From the interns to the founders, all of us bring unique value, narratives, and knowledge to the table. We harness our skills and strategy daily and put in the collective effort to get us to our audacious goal — to be craftsmen of conversation.

In our office

For us, office is not just a place to work. It’s a community aiming to grow everyone in it. We have a group to support and monitor each other’s progress on their personal goals. We have our bi-weekly sharing session where everyone gets an opportunity to share what they learnt and take ownership of the topic. We actively share useful articles and productivity hacks with each other via group chat, too. As our newest initiative, we also start a culture of expressing appreciation to a team member who has performed beyond and above his/her job scope by giving him/her a virtual cookie.

We are also a group of young people who love fun — we have board games, foosball, even a box of kinetic sand! Once in awhile, we also go for a badminton session on Friday nights and break a sweat.

Nhat Vu

A few years ago, I was imagining what the future looks like. Now, with all the talented people here, we are making the future.

Nhat VuSoftware Engineer, Back-End
Himawan Pradipta

Working on chatbots improves my work ethics within today’s environment where people use language not only to communicate but also to live.

Himawan PradiptaLinguistic Engineer

Build amazing chatbots with us

You don’t have to be a software engineer to be a chatbot builder. You can contribute in many other ways