We take our time and effort to make sure that we hire individuals with great potential

We don’t hire based on your GPA — it’s just a number. We prefer another approach to see if we can grow together and build a great synergy

Step #1

Online Application

If you have what it takes to tackle the challenges of a fast-moving, rapidly iterating industry, send in your resumes to [email protected]. Upon reviewing your application, the talent team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Botbot.AI builders are looking forward to receiving your application email
A Botbot.AI builder will be contacting you and introducing our team culture to you

Step #2

Introductory Call

We’d like to take the chance to introduce the company to you, as well as find out what your career sweet spot is – where your passions and expertise aligns with business needs. Curious about something? Ask us anything, too!

Step #3

Technical/Skills-based Interview

Your resume can only say so much about you – we much prefer hearing about your journey from you yourself. We also like to make sure our candidates learn something from their technical/skills-based interview, so come excited!

Botbot.AI makers are excited to hear more about your experiences and career aspirations from you
Botbot.AI builders gladly welcome you to the team where we all will strive together

Step #4

Next Steps

If there is a fit on both sides, we’d like to seal the deal and usher you into our 90-day onboarding for new hires. If we weren’t a good fit for each other at this point in time, let’s stay in contact for future opportunities!

Start your chatbot careers with us — it’ll be fun!

You don’t have to be a software engineer to be a chatbot builder. You can contribute in many other ways