Chatbot is called an artificial intelligence
for a reason

It is beyond an automation of scripted conversation. Chatbots are powered by capabilities that make it convenient to talk to, which also mimic the way humans communicate

Build a chatbot that people love to talk to

If an image is a square you can set the style to circular and it will appear as in the example above. Works also very well with rotation animation.

Armed with Natural Language Processor, Botbot.AI can understand human natural language

Natural Language Understanding

Understand the way humans naturally speak, including the use of slangs

Botbot.AI is fluent in several languages, mainly South East Asian languages


Converse in the language that your customers are speaking in

Botbot.AI understands the context of its conversations

Context Recognition

Recognize the context of the conversation, reducing term repetitions

We did conversational UX research and modelling to make it enjoyable talking to Botbot.AI

Conversational UX Modelling

Design conversation flows with good UX yet leading towards your goals

Botbot.AI remembers every detail mentioned by the persons it is talking to

Built-In Memory

Record every detail your customers provide for better personalization

Integrations that every enterprise would need

Being detached from big data, a chatbot is not delivering much value. Integrate the bot with data sources, more things it can automate.

Botbot.AI runs on existing popular channels, such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more


Automate conversations via any platform, including the existing ones

Botbot.AI can be seamlessly integrated to other enterprise systems, such as SAP, CRM, NetSuite, POS, and more

System Integration

Integrate with CRM, HRM, POS, and others, to unlock more automations

Botbot.AI allows chatbot and humans to collaborate more seamlessly for better customer service experience

Bot-Human Integration

Redirect complex conversations to humans and bots will machine learn it

Botbot.AI allows enterprises to have more than one chatbot, without confusing themselves about the bots' specific functionalities

Bot-to-bot Interaction

Use only one bot as an interface to the capabilities of many bots

Enhance your business processes

Optimize your business processes using chatbot’s conversational data and it’s machine learning capability.

Using machine learning and big data, Botbot.AI is able to optimize your enterprise workflow

Workflow optimization

Use artificial intelligence to identify the best workflow for your case

Botbot.AI collects and visualizes pertinent data about your customers, giving you useful insights to improve your operations and sales

Real-time Data Analytics

Visualize your customer data and make informed business decisions

Botbot.AI is able to send timely reminder or push notifications to your customers

Actions Triggering

Set a trigger for your bot to execute certain actions, never miss a chance

Talk to our bots and see how these chatbot capabilities translate to your productivity enhancement

Tell us a bit more about you, so we can prepare the most suitable trial chatbot to your case