There are times when
humans need to take over

Without human supervision, machine-learning could go wrong, e.g. biased and racist response. Humans also handle the queries that a bot is yet to be able to answer

The chatbot will direct the question it can't answer to human agent

Handle requests that bots cannot

Typically, chatbots will not be able to respond to queries that it has never encountered before, or has not been trained to handle such queries. When facing such queries, the chatbot will redirect the queries to human personnel to take over the conversation.

Speak to customers with negative sentiment

We are not risking the user experience by letting an angry customer talk to a bot. As the bot detects a negative sentiment in the user queries, it will automatically redirect the queries to your staff.

Angry customers are best handled by human agent
Botbot.AI learns from human agent how he/she handles questions and get smarter as it goes

Get the bot smarter in shorter time

As humans take over the conversation, our chatbot picks up the way they handle such queries, using its machine learning capability. The chatbot will then be able to handle similar queries in future encounters.

Our dashboards make Bot-Human Integration
seamless and robust

Use Botbot.AI Chat Agent Dashboard to seamlessly take over chatbot's conversation

Chat Agent Dashboard

Seamlessly take over the conversation via our Chat Agent Dashboard.

Use Botbot.AI data analytics dashboard to generate useful insights about your customers and take strategic actions

Data Analytics Dashboard

Check out the confidence scores of the chatbot via our Data-Analytics dashboard, and improve those with lower confidence scores.

Use intent management dashboard to train and manage the intents that the chatbot needs to understand for each specific industry

Intent Management Dashboard

Widen the bot’s knowledge by adding new data or intents via our Intent Management Dashboard.

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boosts your productivity

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