When you have more than one bots,
here is your master bot

In short, our chatbot can be the only chatbot that the users are conversing with, by interacting with relevant bots and take the data from them.
Never get confused about which bot to talk to about each matter

Botbot.AI can be the only interface for the capabilities of many specialized bots

One interface for unlimited capabilities

One huge company might want to have more than one chatbot, each specialized in one functionality. You don’t need to worry that the users get confused about which chatbot to talk to. Just talk to our master bot, for the capabilities of all of the specialized bots.

Higher accuracy for each of the specialized bots

The benefit of having a specific chatbot for each functionality is that the bot will be highly focused on its designated scope, thus increasing its accuracy. Our master bot is bringing these benefits of your specialized bots using only one interface that channels all knowledge of all those specialized bots.

With specialized chatbot becomes more accurate, as each focuses on a specific scope of topic

Thinking of getting more than one chatbot?

We’d be happy to share more with you about it. Let’s talk in person!