Remembers whom it converses with and everything they talk about

Just like talking to a caring friend, while talking to the chatbot, the user does not have to repeat himself or herself about any information being provided before

With its build-in memory, it is able to remember important details about your customer, thus able to provide a personalized service

Provide a personalized service

Our chatbot remembers everything your customers have told it, as well as all requests that it received from each customer. It remembers your shoe size, the food you like, your address — the next time you are enquiring about shoes, it knows what size to get you.

Only push relevant offerings

Customers don’t like getting spammed with promotions and advertisements, unless the promotions are relevant to them. Having stored information on your customers’ preferences, you can selectively push only relevant offerings to each of your customers.

Botbot.AI recognizes what is important for its users, and only send them what they are interested in knowing

What every chatbot needs to be able to remember

It’s industry-specific, but here are some examples

A chatbot needs to remember user product preferences

User preferences

Almost all industries need this

A chatbot needs to remember the size of products that users enquired


Specifically for retail

A chatbot needs to remember user preferred delivery or pick up point address

Delivery / Pick up address

Anything that involves physical products,
e.g. F&B and retail

A chatbot needs to remember user current progress

Current progress

Mostly for onboarding and training programs

A chatbot needs to remember the past enquiries

Past enquiries

Relevant for all industries

A chatbot needs to remember user contact details

Contact details

Every industry needs this

Discover other details that our chatbots remember
with its built-in memory

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