Humans always converse within context,
so do our chatbots

Talking with a bot without context recognition capabilities sucks — you will need to repeat again and again while discussing things you have mentioned before

Botbot.AI knows what is your conversation about, without your repeatedly mentioning the topic of the conversation

Don’t repeat yourself

While conversing about a particular topic with our chatbot, you don’t need to repeatedly mention the topic. Just use ‘it’ and the chatbot will understand what ‘it’ is referring to. The bot understands the context of your conversation.

More natural conversation

Similar to how humans converse with each other, they don’t mention the topic of the conversations repeatedly. They understand the topic and the context of their conversation. Our chatbot’s ability to recognize the context of conversation makes talking to the bot feel natural.

Talking to Botbot.AI can feel more natural with its context recognition capability

How can our chatbot recognize conversational context?

Firstly, we need to determine how the conversation between the user and the chatbot goes

Determine the flow of conversation

We design how the conversation should go. The chatbot should be leading the customers towards a specific goal.

After determining the flow of the conversation, we identify the intents relevant to the conversation

Identify relevant intents

With the designed conversation flow, we identify the intents that will take part in the conversation.

Finally, we are adding in context of the conversation, following the flow of the conversation, on to the relevant intents

Add the context to the intents

In each involved intent, we pass in some context to the conversation. There we go, a chatbot that could recognize the context of conversation.

Feel the difference when you talk to a chatbot
that recognizes conversational context

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