Use data to make conversations
with a chatbot more appealing

We care so much about the experience of talking to our chatbots. Dedicating time to understand user behaviour, design the conversation model,
test and iterate will totally be worth the effort

Conversing with Botbot.AI will not feel awkward nor forced with our research-based conversational UX modelling

Craft a conversation that is not awkward

We train our chatbot to converse in a natural way — a conversation that is not awkward, but also enjoyable at the same time. We learn how customers in a particular industry speak, and model our bot’s conversation patterns accordingly.

Lead the customers towards your business goal

The role of a chatbot is not merely to answer questions, but it should be leading its conversation with the customers toward a certain goal. If the goal is to drive a product purchase, the chatbot should be able to encourage the customers to make a purchase.

Instead of just answering questions, Botbot.AI is capable of leading your customers towards your pre-determined business goal

How we do our Conversational UX Modelling

Botbot.AI is a customised chatbot for each specific user group, with unique capabilities and conversation style

UX Workshop

For every project we work on, we conduct a UX Workshop to understand the goal of the chatbot implementation, as well as how to accomplish the goal. At the same time, we immerse ourselves in deep information about the end customers before we move on to the design stage.

Botbot.AI is pre-trained with the end-user in mind, for remarkable experience of conversing with the chatbot

Conversational UX Design

Getting a clearer idea about the goal of the chatbot, as well as the customers that the chatbot will be conversing with, we start designing the conversation flow and how we direct the customers toward the goal.

Botbot.AI is always trying to provide a great experience in engaging with the chatbot, through sets of tests and iterations

Continuous tests and iterations

After we deploy the chatbot, we continuously monitor the performance of the bot using data analytics. Aided by machine learning, our chatbot will identify a better conversation flow to accomplish the goal and iterate the pre-determined flow.

Talk to our chatbots — it will not feel so scripted or forced

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