Apparently, a chatbot is better than humans
in picking up a new language

A chatbot is an expert in conversing in picking up a new language. It picks up a new language, so the users can converse with it
using the language the users are comfortable with

With its multilingual understanding, Botbot.AI helps enterprises increase user engagement level

Build user engagement

Speaking with your customers in their preferred language conveys a sincerity that could otherwise be lost in translation. Don’t inconvenience your users – allow our chatbot to exercise its multi-language capabilities to serve them instead.

Lost in translation?

Language barriers are often a pain point for users in communications. With its memory and learning capabilities, a chatbot can become conversant very quickly, much more so than people. It picks up the language, so you can continue to converse in a language you’re comfortable with.

Your customers can conveniently speak in their own language while talking to Botbot.AI thus resulting in higher satisfaction

Languages that our chatbot is fluent in

Botbot.AI is fluent in English


Botbot.AI is fluent in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Botbot.AI is fluent in Vietnamese


Botbot.AI is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

Botbot.AI is fluent in Bahasa Melayu

Bahasa Melayu

Botbot.AI is fluent in Japanese


Botbot.AI is fluent in Korean


Botbot.AI is picking up Spanish, too!


It is trained in localized languages and slangs

Botbot.AI converses in Singlish like a local


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