Communicating via an unlimited number
of channels

Always trying to cater to the users, chatbots can run on popular messaging platforms, so the users do not need to familiarize themselves with a new chatting environment.
Let the bot adjust to it

Botbot.AI can be integrated with the existing platforms thus no installations are needed

No additional effort required

Engage with your customers via a platform that they already have installed on their devices. Doing so, we are removing the barriers for your customers to adopt the chatbot solution, thus being able to deliver them its value.

Be in their comfort zone

Talking about barrier to adoption, being present on the platform they are familiar with is also doing the same job. They can naturally access the platform to converse with the chatbot, without needing to figure out how to operate the platforms anymore.

Talking to Botbot.AI is simple, via platforms that you are already familiar with

Your favourite platforms where our chatbot is on

Botbot.AI can be integrated existing websites


Botbot.AI is on many existing mobile applications

Mobile Applications

Botbot.AI is on physical kiosk

Physical Kiosk

Botbot.AI is on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Botbot.AI is on Telegram


Botbot.AI is on WeChat


Botbot.AI is on Slack


Botbot.AI is on Skype


Botbot.AI is on SMS


and more!

Try interacting with our chatbots
via the platforms of your choice

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