It does not spam — it only reconnects with the user if the preset conditions are met

Set a trigger to your bot — time-based or event-based — to reconnect and initiate new conversation with the users at the right time and opportunity

Botbot.AI initiates a conversation with your customers again and keeps in touch with them

Re-engage with your customers

Reconnect with your customers and keep in touch with your customers. It’s always good to keep a good relationship with your customers and keep them updated with your offering and business. Simple happy birthday and Merry Christmas wishes would be great, too!

Never miss a golden opportunity

Send a relevant message to your customers after they complete certain actions. You can tell the chatbot to send your customers a catalogue of products that might complement the product they just bought from you.

Botbot.AI sends your customers relevant messages and seizes every opportunity that comes across it
Botbot.AI pushes a notification to your customers and reminds them of a predetermined action

Remind your customers

Remind your customers of the events that might interest them! They might be happy to get a reminder to renew their subscription, or if great sales for their favorite products are ending soon.

Chatbot push messages come in two triggering process

Botbot.AI pushes messages to your customers after a predetermined period of time passes by

Time-based push messages

Set a specific time to trigger the chatbot to send a message to your customers.

Botbot.AI pushes messages after a customer commits a certain action that triggers the message delivery

Event-based push messages

Tell the bot which customers’ actions it needs to look out for, that signal the time for the bot to send the message to the customers.

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