Whatever data that the bot collects,
now become your insights

The best thing about automating conversation is that you get everything recorded, which can also be analysed in aggregate level.
And that humans are willing to share more information through chat

See data analytics dashboard
Discover the usage rate of your chatbot via our data analytics dashboard

Check out the usage rate of the bot

Find out the numbers of customers are talking to the bot and the messages sent to the bot. It could indicate how receptive are your customers towards the implementation of the chatbot — you can also check out popular topics to complement these metrics.

Know what your customers are talking about

Discover the top 10 topics that your customers are talking about. It might tell you their preferences, needs, demands, or complaints. Quickly react to these insights and never miss a chance to improve your business operations.

Our data analytics dashboard will show you what are the most popular topics among your customers
Using our data analytics dashboard, you can check the performance of your chatbot in real time

Review the performance of the chatbot

Check out the confidence score of the bot, as well as the ratio of bot and human handling the customer conversations. Low confidence scores and high percentage of humans taking over the conversations indicate that the chatbot needs more training.

Metrics you need to pay attention to — all are in
our chatbot data analytics dashboard

Number of users

Number of users

The number of your customers talking to the chatbot

Number of new users

Number of new users

The number of new users as compared to the previous period

Number of messages

Number of messages

The number of messages that the chatbot received

Number of messages per user

Number of messages per user

The average number of messages sent by each user

Most popular topics

Popular topics

Top 10 most frequently asked topics

Confidence Score

Confidence score

Average confidence score of the bot — how confident the bot is while identifying the intent of user message

Bot vs Human Ratio

Bot vs Human Ratio

Ratio between the number of queries handled by the chatbot and by humans

Number of messages per day

Message rate per day

The number of messages that the chatbot receives in a day

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