Extend the capabilities of your bot through integrations with your existing databases and systems

Integration with CRM, HRM, POS system and databases adds up to the bot’s knowledge — making it smarter with more data to pull, crunch, and pass to the user

With access to more data sources, Botbot.AI will be able to perform a wider range of functionalities

Unlock more of our chatbot potential

Integrate our chatbot with your other enterprise software and systems to automate more workflows — our chatbot can pull data, perform calculations, visualize data in a suitable format, and more.

Be more customer-centric

Depending on the integrations, the chatbot can do different things. While integrated to your customer data, the chatbot will be able to provide more personalized service, while keeping your customer database updated.

Botbot.AI uses data from your integrated system to get prominent information about your customers and deliver more personalized service

Essential chatbot system integration

Botbot.AI can be integrated with CRM system


For B2B and B2C enterprises

Allowing the bot to know your customers better, thus providing more personalized service.

Botbot.AI can be integrated with HRM system


For HR and Onboarding purposes

Allowing the bot to know everyone in your company better, thus becoming more useful with a personalized service.

Botbot.AI can be integrated with POS system


Mostly for F&B and Retail industries

Allowing payment via a chat platform — an easy and secure payment method.

Botbot.AI can be integrated with company databases


Every industry will benefit from this

Depending on the format of the data, the chatbot can implement a number of different automation protocols.

Experience how chatbot system integration benefit you

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