Identify the best workflow for your specific business case and optimize the current one

This one of many things that data can tell you — if you analyze it properly. Our chatbot can help identify the best workflow for your chosen goals,
and direct the user towards achieving it

Using data, Botbot.AI is able to identify the best workflow and conversation flow to get to your business goals

Identify the best workflow for your goal

Get insight from the analytics provided by our chatbot, and find out how effective is your current workflow. Discover the most effective path that gets your customers to your goal.

Guide the users towards that goal

Update your current workflow with the path that actually works and gets your customers to your goal. Instead of just answering customers’ questions, our chatbot will be directing the customers to your goal using the best path that we identified earlier.

Botbot.AI is able to direct the conversations towards a specified business goal

Augment your chatbot’s workflow optimization
with our dashboards

Use Botbot.AI data analytics dashboard to generate useful insights about your customers and take strategic actions

Data Analytics Dashboard

Check out the performance of your current workflow and discover other possible workflows that drive results.

Use Botbot.AI Chat Agent Dashboard to seamlessly take over chatbot's conversation

Chat Agent Dashboard

Go deep into the bot’s conversations with your customer for in-depth insights.

Use intent management dashboard to train and manage the intents that the chatbot needs to understand for each specific industry

Intent Management Dashboard

Update the chatbot’s conversation flow with the flow that works best for your case, based on your data analytics.

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