Automate your workflows with chatbots that perform

Customizable chatbot that augments your workflows through smart automation and deep integrations with your existing system

Multilingual & Multiplatform

Don’t make your users think — engage them in a language and on a platform they’re comfortable with.

Deep, extensive integration

Why learn a new software when you can integrate what you have and make your workflows just flow?

Comprehensive analytics

Leverage on a new source of data — conversations — and draw new insights to make informed business decisions.

We specialize in automating back-office workflows

Financial Service Bots

  • Trading Bot

  • Relationship Managers Bot

  • Insurance HelpBot

Human Resources Bots

  • Recruitment Bot

  • Onboarding Bot

  • Performance Review Bot

Operations Bots

  • Procurement Bot

  • Delivery Bot

  • Inventory Bot

Other Bots

  • Events Management Bot

  • Facilities Management Bot

  • Annual Reports Bot

  • Events Management Bot

  • Facilities Management Bot

  • Annual Reports Bot

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Training Dashboard

Using intent management dashboard, we introduce the intents to the chatbot, add some sample user utterances, attach some context, and tell the chatbot how to respond to the intent.

After the training portion, we can test the intent and see if we hit an adequate confidence score (> 80%) for that intent. Upon failing, we need to add more utterances — or, give it more data — until the chatbot can confidently distinguish that particular intent from other intents.

Chat Agent Portal

Two cases where human attention is needed the most: when the conversation goes triggers the fallback mechanism, and when the bot detects a negative user sentiment.

In that case, you can take over your chatbot’s conversation, type in your answers and continue conversing with the customer on the bot’s behalf. While you handle the conversation, the chatbot uses machine learning to learn how you respond to that particular intent.

Data Analytics and Reporting

There is so much information we can take from a conversation. It’s just a matter of how we process it and turn it into insights. Other than that, your goals largely affect the metrics that you should be looking at — the way you interpret the metrics might change, too!

Here at Botbot.AI’s data analytics dashboard, we present you the usage level of your chatbot, popular topics among your customers, as well as how well your chatbot performs. Coupled with the right analytics, you can then take concrete steps to improve or fine-tune your business processes.

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