Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s Botbot.AI about?

Botbot.AI is an enterprise automation tool that automates conversations to get things done. Our proprietary dashboard and NLP engines are geared for B2B use, making us the technology of choice when it comes to developing conversational interfaces for enterprises.

Do you create chatbots?

Yes and no. We have three secret sauces: our visual dashboard, which allows you to actually mindmap conversations, our NLP that specializes in Asian languages, creoles and modern linguistics, as well as our enterprise-ready integration & security features. Chatbots are simply the interface through which our technology manifests.

What kind of chatbots are B2B?

Our chatbots are focused on automating menial, repetitive and transactional back-office operations. That means that the HR administration that drives your HR team crazy, the monster called traffic control in logistics that frustrates your controller or even the communications between traders and their back-offices become our playgrounds to innovate and automate.

Why should I deploy a chatbot?

You should deploy a chatbot if you have workflows that are:

  • Menial — workflows that irritate you because they’re so insignificant among your other priorities
  • Repetitive — have you done the same thing five times this week? It can probably be automated.
  • Transactional — if you’re still retrieving information from a back-end system, a chatbot could do that for you.

You’ll spot these workflows from a mile away because they’re usually what employees complain most about!

What if the chatbot can’t answer a question?

The chatbot will only answer if it’s confident of the answer, ie. the confidence score is higher than the threshold you defined. When a chatbot isn’t at least 85% confident of its answer, for example, it will prompt a human agent to take over the conversation right from the same chat window. And the best part? It learns from what you say so you never have to teach it twice.

How long does it usually take to implement a chatbot?

Implementation is a highly collaborative process and could be as short as 4 weeks to 20 weeks! Our POCs average 1 – 1.5 months while the more intensive later phases contain more features and thus take a longer time to train, test and roll out.

What kind of conversational analytics do you offer?

The possibilities are endless! Enterprises often require high levels of customizability and we get that. Our conversational data dashboards have analytics and reports that can not only be tailor made for your organization, but also developed and purchased whenever you want.

What languages do your NLP support?

Our NLP is built for the Asian enterprise in mind, and we support all regional languages, including Vietnamese, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese.. you name it, we speak it.

How enterprise-ready are your chatbots?

We can be hosted on-prem, on your private cloud or on a public cloud. We can integrate with any existing system you have, provided it has the necessary APIs. We won’t bore you with tech speak, but we’ve passed the security checks of Singapore’s top financial institutions — send us your requirements and we’ll go through them with you!

What’s a self-service dashboard?

We believe you won’t want to keep calling up a vendor every time you make changes, so we’ve designed an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that we’ll teach you how to use in a half-day workshop, and thereafter, the chatbot is your playground!

Why join the Botbot.AI community?

At heart, Botbot.AI is a company built to improve productivity of enterprises around the world, and solve the issue of underemployment that’s so rampant today. We see ourselves as partners of the enterprise and we’ll do what it takes to make your chatbot a success with you. Our tech and methodology is laser-focused around business success and user delight, and those two factors have been so crucial in making the success of each of our enterprise chatbots.