Press Release — Botbot.AI Bags First Prize at Melco Start-Up Challenge, Set to Collaborate with Melco


Not just winning the first prize at Melco Start-Up Challenge, Botbot.AI is to collaborate with Melco.


Botbot.AI winning Melco Startup Challenge


Macau, January 24, 2019 — Botbot.AI continues to make waves in 2019, this time with the Melco Start-up Challenge, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure. Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (“Melco”) is a developer, owner, and operator of casino gaming and entertainment casino resort facilities, in Asia. The organisation was looking for disruptive start-ups that could help improve all aspects of their value chain and increase efficiency. The jury comprised Melco representatives from various departments, who were primarily looking for uniqueness, value creation, roll-out potential, general traction, financials, team and advisors.


Botbot.AI won Melco Startup Challenge


Jia Chai Low shines on stage, talking AI, chat, and human efficiency.

Botbot.AI representative, AI enthusiast, and VP, Business Development, Jia Chai Low participated in all categories – Travel Tech, Retail & Hospitality, Operation Management, Added Services, and Customer Success, presenting a 5-minute pitch on the benefits of AI Chatbots for all. The pitch included case studies of past work, current progress, and future applications, keeping in mind that everything is ultimately to solve the underlying problem of underemployment. His efforts paid off and he returned triumphant, claiming the top spot for Botbot.AI and winning USD 6,000, USD 1,000 worth of Azure credits, and 3 PoCs, worth USD 50,000 each, with one being guaranteed.


“Going for all categories was only natural since our solution transcends industries. Needless to say, I had complete faith in our product, but presenting a pitch is always nerve-wracking. I am thrilled that the jury recognised the value our enhanced chatbot solution brings to the table, both in organisations and in our everyday lives.” –  Jia Chai Low, VP, Business Development


BotbotAI won Melco Startup Challenge


Botbot.AI: Taking Conversations Forward

Botbot.AI is an enterprise productivity solution that uses chat as an interface to automate business processes and workflows.

The team believes in making the mechanical less cumbersome and more conversational, adding the much-needed aspect of accuracy in AI. Its past experiences and projects have validated its hypothesis that chatbots can augment human effort in many key industries, making all that we do count for more. It is now widening its repository of chatbots, each with custom workflows and lexicons, hoping to ultimately become the automation solution of choice for dynamic, innovative organisations of the present and the future.

If you’d like to continue the conversation and find out how your business can be transformed, please call +65 6222 2359 or visit the company website. For a free copy of the company’s introductory deck, please email [email protected].

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