Press Release — Slush 2018


Will be on September 14, 2018, AT [email protected]

Known to be the premier startup launchpad of Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most vibrant ecosystems in Asia with excellent funding opportunities, market reach and startup experience. Also known as the little red dot, Singapore is the exact opposite of little. It has quickly become Asia’s hit-list destination for tech-heads.

Slush Singapore 2017, gathered: 3,000 attendees, 360 startups, 250 investors, 300 volunteers and 90 speakers. The second edition of Slush Singapore was all about celebrating technology and entrepreneurship.


We’ll have a booth, booth no A18

Complimentary booth as we won the Facebook contest — getting the most likes for this video — pitching on an extreme swing GMAX. May Lau (Marketing Associate), and Ong Kok Chung (lead of front-end sales) will be at the booth to intro our enterprise automation solution as well as to show some demo chatbots in action.

 Will you be around at Slush 2018?

Don’t worry if you can’t make it this time, you still can check out our demo chatbot here!

Tackling the problem statement: How do we improve outcomes in Hospitals?

Working with Philips, Slush Singapore will welcome startups to solve their challenges and help them take their business forward. 20 promising startups will be shortlisted to pitch their solutions on stage at Slush Singapore main event. The Top Startup will win an opportunity to work with Philips, facilitated by The Bakery, and receive support from Philips’ experts, resources, and network.

Representing Botbot.AI, Kok Chung will be pitching on stage against other tech startups as he introduces how automation can be utilized to augment processes and workflows within hospitals.


About Botbot.AI  

Botbot.AI  is an enterprise productivity solution that automates business workflows and drives performance using chat as an interface, ensuring greater efficiency and additional time for individuals to focus on what matters most.

If you’d like to continue the conversation and find out how your business can be transformed, please call us at +65 6222 2359 or visit the company website. For a free copy of the company’s introductory deck, please email [email protected] or visit our Case Studies page.

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