Our chatbot is a combination of
a number of cool features

To get a chatbot up and running well, you’ll need a platform where you can train, run, support, and process the conversational data it gets over time

Intent Management Dashboard

Train your own chatbot

Tell the chatbot what it is supposed to do and how to do it. It’s similar to teaching a new team member how to do stuff — here, you’ll just need to do it once, and machine learning will get it smarter along the way.

Use intent management dashboard to train and manage the intents that the chatbot needs to understand for each specific industry
Use Botbot.AI Chat Agent Dashboard to seamlessly take over chatbot's conversation

Chat Agent

Take over your bot’s conversation

There are times that the conversation gets too complex for an artificial intelligence product — or the chatbot has yet to encounter such situations — in which case, it’s always best to hand over the conversation to a person seamlessly

ChatGPT Integrated

Powered by cutting-edge AI

Botbot.AI is now integrated with ChatGPT and the GPT-3 model. You can create bots quickly and easily while enjoying improved natural language processing technology. You can even use your own content to create personalised bots that can learn and adapt to your needs, delivering a seamless and engaging user experience.
Botbot.AI takes a familiar interface to facilitate easier adoption and smoother usage

Bot UI

Pick a communication channel for your chatbot

Any mobile apps, website, or popular messaging platforms — however, we always believe that using an existing channel would be best from the user’s perspective. No new app to install and nothing to get familiar with.

Data Analytics Dashboard

Make informed business decisions

A big part of big data is conversational data. We don’t take the conversational data that the chatbot collects for granted. We crunch and visualize the data, so you can quickly have insight into your operations and/or your customers.

Use Botbot.AI data analytics dashboard to generate useful insights about your customers and take strategic actions

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