Channel where we can communicate with
the smart agents a.k.a. the chatbots

Mobile apps, websites, e-kiosks, and existing messaging platforms — no need to switch, just use the one you’re already comfortable with!

Be where your customers are

Using this intent management dashboard, we introduce the intents to the chatbot, add some sample user utterances, attach some context, and tell the chatbot how to respond to the intent.

After the training portion, we can test the intent and see if we hit an adequate confidence score (> 80%) for that intent. Upon failing, we need to add more utterances — or, give it more data — until the chatbot can confidently distinguish that particular intent from other intents.

Adjust to your customers’ preference

Attach some contexts and adequate number of sample user utterances to increase the accuracy of your chatbot.

No additional app needed

One of the most challenging parts of encouraging adoption of new tech to your customers is getting people to install a new app — nah, we don’t need that.

Forget the hassle of user onboarding

A good thing about using an existing platform is that not much of onboarding is required. Your customers are already familiar with the platform.

Talk to our Food Bot, Shopper Bot, HR Bot, and others

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