Conversation with your users is data
— and it gives you insights

Customers may share important and valuable insight with your chatbot that human personnel may miss. Always stay on the ball with your decision-making by utilising data that is relevant and updated

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The analytics you’ll see and how it helps you

There is so much information we can take from a conversation. It’s just a matter of how we process it and turn it into insights. Other than that, your goals largely affect the metrics that you should be looking at — the way you interpret the metrics might change, too!

Here at Botbot.AI’s data analytics dashboard, we present you the usage level of your chatbot, popular topics among your customers, as well as how well your chatbot performs.

Generally, the usage level may reflect how receptive your customers are towards your chatbot — or, how excited they are about the chatbot! Meanwhile, popular topics get you to surface potential problems or customer demands. Lastly, your chatbot’s performance can be seen via the percentage of a fallback occurrence, chatbot’s confidence score — see if you need to increase the training of your chatbot!

Making informed business decisions

By using the right metrics, you will be able to identify and extract findings that are relevant to your goals. Coupled with the right analytics, you can then take concrete steps to improve or fine-tune your business processes.

Let’s go through one example — it happened in early 2017, Singapore.

A while ago, there was a nation-wide amendment to the parental leave policy. Data showed that suddenly most of the employees asked about the company’s leave policy to your HR chatbot.

Responding quickly to the 2017 announcement about a nation-wide amendment to the parental leave policy, the HR team was able to update enquiring staff on the adjusted policy through a chatbot — allowing for quick, real-time updates in a targeted manner.

Know your customers better with analytics

Botbot.AI data analytics dashboard

Find out in real-time how many people talk to your chatbot, how many messages it receives, and its changes over time


Discover what your customers are talking about


Monitor your chatbot in real-time — take a glance at your customers’ conversation with your chatbot, and quickly take over the conversation in real-time


Check out the performance of your chatbot — via confidence score data, human vs bot ratio, and messages your customers send to your bot daily

Real-time data updates

Always get the most updated data from our data analytics dashboard, so that you’ll always be poised to take action.

Periodic filtering

Data can be filtered according to the time period — so you’ll be able to visualise trends and data points.

Integration with other dashboards

Respond quickly to data — for example, if the bot reports a low confidence score, introduce more data to user intents that require more training on the Intent Management Dashboard.

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